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HGZD president appointed a FRC Fellow

Flag Research Center

Flag Research Center

The US institute for flags named the Flag Research Center (FRC), [in Croatian known as Centar za proučavanje zastava from the translation of the W. Smith’s Flags and Arms Across the World: Grbovi i zastave svijeta, Globus, Zagreb, 1982., p. 7], established in 1962 by Whitney Smith in Winchester, Massachusetts, was reorganized recently, after Smith’s retirement several years ago, with the new seat in Huston, Texas.There is also transferred the important library that Smith collected though the years in teh FRC, now located in the Broscoe Center for American History of the University in Austin, Texas.

Within the effort to continue with the issuing of the FRC journal Flag Bulletin, recognized by the International federation of vexillological associations (FIAV) as a scientific journal in vexillology, the FRC announced on 19 October 2016 the appointment of twenty Flag Research Centre Fellows. Among the esteemed company there is also the name of the HGZD president. The primary responsibility of the FRC Fellows is to contribute interesting, informative articles and essays to the Flag Bulletin.


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