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Heraldic Lectures in Split within Kliofest 2018

Kliofest 2018.

Kliofest 2018.

The fifth national history festival Kliofest 2018, is held in Zagreb 8-11 May 2018 in the National and University Library and on several other locations throughout the city  with the goal to popularize history sciences. The festival will include a doze of panels, a doctoral conference, a studen workshop, numerous project and book presentations, lectures and exhibitions etc. As part of the Festival it is held the History Day in over twenty cities throughout Croatia. From the rich program which you may check at the Festival web site we announce here two lectures with heraldic topics to be held in Split on 9 May 2018 in the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, Teslina 12.

11 h Lecture Ante Brešić Mikulić “Regarding development of heraldry, vexillology and related disciplines within the current educational system and institutions
13 sati Predavanje Mate Božić “The Emergence of Croatian the Coats of Arms: Origin, History, and Symbolism from the 13 to the the 16 century

We would like to hear you visited the events and provide us with textual and photographic reports from them.

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