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Interview with out member Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić in »Novi listu« 08.03.2020

Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, Novi list

Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, Novi list

The »Novi list« daily newspaper from Rijeka in its issue of March 8, 2020 published an interview with our very active member Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić.

See the full interview on the pages of the newspaper “Interview with the eminent Cres archaeologist and pioneer of emancipation on the island”, and here are some of our interesting details (translated by Google):


In addition to archeology, your heraldic research is also significant. How did you become interested in heraldry? Do you think Cres is particularly rich in coats of arms?

The Coat of Arms booklet was commissioned by the then Cres-Lošinj Tourist Board, which launched the Small Tourist Library. I did not even know the “h” about heraldry, but I collected the literature and, with the help of Đanin Sučić Mornarić, wrote a book in three months; it was issued in four languages, for cultural tourists. In the same library, Branko Fučić published Apsyrtides, and I did archeology for him. Then the war came and the library stopped, but I continued to study and cultivate the coats of arms on the island.

Prior to retirement, the City of Cres awarded you the city’s largest “Pro Insula” Award. Then you announced that in a year you would like to complete and publish some more manuscripts and then enjoy your well-deserved retirement. However you are still involved in archeological research, you are regularly seen at all cultural events in the place. Can you conclude that you are enjoying retirement so actively?

The advantage of retirement is that you can choose what you will do and how you work, and now I do and enjoy it. I have not yet announced everything I planned. In cooperation with the Cres and Lošinj Museums, I am completing a monograph on the Cres and Lošinj coats of arms, which will be the “point on and off” of my involvement with the island’s heraldic heritage. In the fall I will participate in VI. congress of Croatian historians to be held in Rijeka, with one heraldic theme: Maritime occupations on the coats of arms and signs of the Cres-Lošinj Islands. I regularly participate in the scientific and professional conference Cres Annals and prepare suitable articles for them. I am especially pleased to work with the association of tourist guides Sidar from Cres, whose professional advice and guidance I help to promote the island’s heritage to the public as much as possible.

Pro Insula Award ceremony for Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić

Pro Insula Award ceremony for Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić

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