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12th International Flag Art Festival Zagreb “Identity of Europe (Europe Intimately)” August 2020

The 12th International Flag Festival was held in Zagreb from 10 to 20 August 2020. With the support of the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and the City of Zagreb, 350 art flags from about 20 countries of the world, prepared for this year’s and previous festivals, are on display in the center.
This year, for the first time, the festival is independently presented and separated from the International Street Festival Cest is d’Best. The works of art made in a variety of techniques are exhibited on Ban Josip Jelačić Square (the beginning of Bakačeva St.), Zrinjevac Square, European Square and in August Cesarec Street. The theme of this year’s festival is “Identity of Europe (Europe intimately)”, and each author presented elements of how he sees Europe today through his artistic interpretation.

This year’s new flags were displayed on Zrinjevac between the trees, and they arrived from 13 countries (Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Finland, Croatia, India, Italy, Canada, Russia, the USA, Slovenia, Serbia and Uruguay).

12 FlagArt Festival Zagreb 2020

12 FlagArt Festival Zagreb 2020

Among others, the works of famous artists Hannibal Salvar and Dr. Vilko Žiljko from Zagreb, Dr. Art. Prof. Seije Ulkuminei from Finland; Dr. Art. Doc. Marina Đira, academic sculptor; Dr. Art. Prof. Marian Richter, academic painter; Mr. Art. Janko Orać, an academic painter and graphic artist from Slovenia, as well as numerous other academic artists and art culture teachers.

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