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8th HGZD Tribune, 22.2.2011 – Vicko Fisković

8. tribina HGZD-a, 22.2.2011. - Vicko Fisković

8th HGZD Tribune, 22.2.2011 – Vicko Fisković

Our 8th Tribune was held on Tuesday, 22nd February 2011 at 18:30 in the premises of the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG), 44 Preradovićeva street.

Mr. Vicko Fisković held the lecture »The Heraldic Heritage of the City of Korčula« based on the research he did for his thesis in 2005.

The complex history of the city of Korčula demonstrates itself in the rich heraldic heritage. The majority of the coats of arms in Korčula is preserved as stone carvings located at monumental positions on the communal and family palaces and the city walls, testifying also the rich stone-masonry traditions. And while many of the examples were destroyed or lost in the turbulent city history, the city still has many coats of arms displayed at public locations. The majority of those belong to the two dozens of families of the local nobility ennobled by the Hungarian crown in 14th century, afterward confirmed by the Venetian rulers. A separate group are the coats of arms of the bishops of the Korčula and Ston, later simply named the Korčula diocese, mostly depicted on coloured wood plates in the abbey treasury. The coats of arms were displayed by wealthier commoners, city fraternities and craftsmen associations as well. The Venetian city governors and the Proveditors of Dalmatia displayed their arms as well as the arms of the Venetian Doges and the city emblems – the Lions of St. Mark. With the wealth of examples comparable with only a couple of other cities on the eastern Adriatic, Korčula is rightfully nicknamed “the city of arms”.

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