Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo

Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association

»Grb i zastava« № 1 Issued



After the test “zero” issue of »Grb i zastava« issued last year, these days we have issued the first regular number of our bulletin. As the previous number, this one is made by photocopying, but in regarding with the previous this one has four more pages, totaling to full 20 A4 pages.
Here are some parts of the contents:

  • Ivan Mirnik gives us an inspirative story on last year’s St. Andrews Congress;
  • Professor Stančić provides us with a detailed account on the occasions how the current Croatian coat of arms was devised and on the events during 1990;
  • that is well complemented with an abstract of Dubravka’s paper from St. Andrews on the Croatian coat of arms during 20th century,
  • the history of the coat of arms of Pazin, an ancient city in central Istria, is given by local historian and journalist Mirjan Rimanić;
  • an interesting overview of political flags in B&H is reported by Adi Mirojević from Sarajevo;
  • finally, our secretary Matea presents us with example how the collection of the Croatian History Museum is used in education;
  • of course, there are also news from the world and heraldic thesaurus and other bits and pieces by Nenad Labus and Željko Heimer.

We are looking forward to your comments, impressions, critiques and other reactions. Certainly, we invite you for cooperation and we shall be glad to publish your articles regarding heraldry, vexillology and akin studies. Your wishes on what you would like to read about are welcome as well.

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