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»Vexillology« Column in »Hrvatski vojnik«, 2012

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 402 (2012.)

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 402 (2012.)

Following a few articles on the flags from the Military Museum issued in 2010 in the »Hrvatski vojnik«, the magazine of the Ministry of Defence, since the issue 394 Željko Heimer publishes a regular column on flags and the science that deals with them. The column, located regularly on the third page from the back of each issue of »Hrvatski vojnik«, issued every two weeks, is illustrated with high quality photographs and drawings of historical and contemporary flags, military, naval as well as many other kinds from Croatia and the world heritage, and is named appropriated the »Veksilologija« (The Vexillology). Besides the regular various vexillological topics, each issue presents also a flag of a Croatian Armed Forces unit from the  Homeland War, from the collections of the Military Museum, of the CAF General Staff and other sources.

During 2012 18 articles were published, and the additional articles are expected in 2013.

The articles from »Hrvatski vojnik« are available in the on-line archives (in Croatian language), i.e. directly on the links (here titles are translated to English for your convenience):

The Symbol of the Unit’s Spirit (3rd Guard Brigade – Osijek)

Consecrated Items among Soldiers (108th Briagde HV “R” – Slavonski Brod)

To Europe, they came from China… (114th Brigade “R” HV – Split)

The Oldest Preserved Croatian Military Flags (The Flaqs of Croatian Units from the Thirty-Years War from teh Military Museum in Stockholm)

Separate flags of the Croatian Home Defence (122nd Brigade HV “R” – Đakovo)

The Flags of the Thunders – 2nd Guard Brigade ZNG

The Influence of Boorish Commandos to the Military Flags (117th Brigade HV “R” – Koprivnica)

On the Field of Battle Everything is Mess and Confusion, only the Flags are Clear Enough (305th Logistics Base – Rijeka)

The Four Functions of Flags (Training Centre – Koprivnica)

Flags of Croatian Lands in Old Sources (73rd Military Police Battalion – Split)

The Vexillology before the Vexillology (119th Brigade HV “R” – Pula)

The Vexillological Inceptions in Croatia (5th Anti-Armour Artillery-Rocket Division – Zagreb)

The Development of Military Flags (Command of the Oerational Area Zagreb)

Old Chinese Military Flag (81st Guard Battalion – Virovitica)

To Win or To Die (13th Anti_armour Artillery Rocket Division – Koprivnica)

The Viking Raven Flag (135th Brigade HV “R” – Osijek)

Flags in Adriatic Cities in the Middle Age (7the Home Defence Regiment – Zadar)

The Armorial Banderial Flags (40th Engineering Battalion – Split)

See more in The »Vexillology« column in the »Hrvatski vojnik« (2), 2013.

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