Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo

Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association

Oznaka: Rotterdam

»Vexillology« Column in »Hrvatski vojnik« (2), 2013

Following the series of the 18 installments of the »Veksilologija« (Vexillology) column in 2012, Željko Heimer continued to write for the Ministry of Defence magazine in 2013. with 26 new articles in the issues № 412 through 437. The articles are available in the on-line arhivi »Hrvatskog vojnika«, i.e. directly at the following links (here titles are translated […]

Participating in 25th International Congress of Vexillology, Rotterdam, 4-10.8.2013

The 25th International Congress of Vexillology (25ICV) was held from 4 until 10 August 2013 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Željko Heimer participated for HGZD. In the academic program he held the paper “Croatian Municipal Ceremonial Flags“, and he took part in the work of the General Assembly of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV), […]

Visiting Vexillologists in the Netherlands

On 24 October 2006, the HGZD President visited the Dutch factory Shipmate ( in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam, which is not only one of the largest flag manufacturers in Europe, but is also acting as a focal point of the Dutch vexillology. He was hosted by Mr. Gerard van der Vaart, the Shipmate Head of IT […]

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